Saturday, December 27, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas.. We went over to my husband's brothers and well we had a great time.. We always do when we all get together.. My mother in-law flew back to NY and we enjoyed her visit. I love my mother in-law she is the best. My brother in-law flys back to NY on Monday.. We will miss them both.. I added a pic of my husband and I, and included a slide show of the pics from Christmas, I have so many more I want to share but didn't know how many to include so if ya have a few mins watch the slide show.

My husband went back to work yesterday and he works the weekend so it has been quite around here without him. The kids and I enjoyed having him home for 16 days while he was on vac. I go back to work 12-31.

I can't wait to scrapbook the pics from Christmas, I wanted to play around with a few ideas today but I folded my scrap table away to make room for our guests to sleep in the spare room so I will have to wait til my house clears out...


Here is a pic of me and my husband... My husband hates taking pics but did it for me.. He doesn't smile in pics

Here are a few pics of chritmas morning. My daughter with a game for the wii she got


I love this pic of the kids waiting to run down the stairs.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERY ONE AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL! My husbands brothers all came over and thier families it is so nice to have the whole family 2-gether. His 1 brother and wife and 5 kids live out here only a couple miles away, and his wifes sister and baby live here too. we are all very close. My husbands other brother the yougest lives in ny with his mom, and they are her visiting... i know alot of family..My mother-in law is in the kitchen cooking...ok i am off to wrap and try to get the kids in bed and put gifts out and get to bed my self, i am sure the kids will get us up early...i will post some pics friday.. god bless and merry chistmas

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Here are a few pages from my co-workers album. She loved it.. I love making albums for people it puts a smile on their face. I love making people happy...

Monday, December 15, 2008


OK so i am finally done with the scrapbook for a co-worker who is leaving in 3 days to move back east. I will truly miss her. I am glad that the book is done. With work being so busy and me being sick I got caught off guard and well lets just say I had to do 9 pages in 2 days.. for a total of 20 pages.. I will post some pics of the album in the next few days.. i have to work 3 days and then i am off for 13 yeah for me... I can't wait to see my family for x-mas. my mother-in law and brother-in law are coming from NY.. we talked my mother-in law into cooking some of her home cooking dishes that we all love... thanks you Tarna


We made our 1st ginger bread house. The kids had a great time doing this, i decided it is going to be a new family tradition. Here is a front, back and side view..


This is a plate of bacon and eggs. DON'T THEY LOOK REAL.. This was made by my daughter in her ceramics class. It was featured in the school art show.


Here is a mask my daughter made in her ceramics class, this mask was feature in the school art show. great job.. This is her second year taking ceramics. She really enjoys it..

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here is our tree, We put it up last nite. We had so much fun doing it.


Wow it has been 10 days since my last blog. I was sick for like a week. It started with a sore throat then turned into the flu.. I never get sick and wow was i feeling awful I had a fever and all the aches and pains to go with it... but I still went to work. I had a crazy work week last week and I made it thru sick and all... OK enough but my illness...THANK YOU to my six followers for following my blog. it is so much fun to blog. i am following your blogs as well. as for anyone visiting my blog for the 1st time, please sign up to follow me... OK now on to my scrapbook that i am working on for a co-worker i am half way done with the book. i have a few days off and hope to get the rest of it done, she leaves the 18th so i need to get it done by then...

Monday, December 1, 2008


I am feeling under the weather today... I have an awful sore throat, but i need to scrap today I am working on a book for a co-worker who is moving back east and she leaves in 2 weeks.. so i need to get a move on... wish me luck.. ok so i think i am finally have this blog thing figured out.. I belong to and have decided to try to get some followers on my blog. So if you are a 1st time visitor to my blog sign up to become a follower and leave me a comment, in return I would love to join your blog as well. ok lets see how I do....